Seattle is selected as the No.4 richest city in US

Here Are the 33 Richest Cities in the U.S. | FindTheHome Per USA TODAY, the salary a person would need to live comfortably in each of them: 1. San Francisco — You’d need $124,561 to live comfortably in SF. 2. San Jose — You’d need around $115,515 here. 3. Washington, D.C. — $108,092 would be […]

Who is driving the real estate market growth (Hint: foreigners)

(From multiple sources) Overseas buyers scooped up $92.2 billion of U.S. real estate last year, driven mainly by wealthy Chinese looking for a safe haven for their families and fortunes.  A new report from the National Association of Realtors says sales activity from international buyers surged 35 percent in the 12 months that ended in March. While […]

Title Insurance (产权保险)

在房地产行业,“产权”是指对不动产的所有权和地契拥有权。产权保险是一种保险, 用来保护业主和他们贷款机构在产权或所有权上的财产损失。产权保险减低买方购买法律历史不明的不动产的风险。产权保险是一次性缴费, 即所谓的保金. 费用是以不动产的总价值为计费标准, 通常是在房地产成交时或是在交易期间内付清。产权保险保障被保险人及其产权继承人在拥有此不动产产权期间内的权益。




在说起西雅图的房地产市场的时候,人们常常会提起Eastside。和字面上的意义相同,Eastside是西雅图东部的一些郊区城市的合称。Eastside没有官方的定义,它通常包括Bellevue, Issaquah, Kirkland, Newcastle, Mercer Island, Redmond 和 Sammamish。这些城市都包括在大西雅图的范畴之中,是大西雅图人民居住,生活和娱乐的主要场所。

Face off

Just published a post about two similar houses couple days ago. There is a much better face off situation in Newcastle now. Both of the houses were built by Chaffey, the look, floor plan are exactly the same. 14224 is listed for $1.07MM while 9111 goes for $1.19MM. Condition wise 14224 is better. It’s hard […]

Weekend Open House Tour

Seattle’s weather is super nice today, sunny and warm. It’s a beautiful day for open house. I visited two houses today, both of  them are in the Reserve Community in Newcastle. Those two houses are next door neighbors, both of them are along the 5th fairway of the China Creek Golf Course. 15527 is built by […]


近年中国城市特别是一线城市的房价日益增涨,不断挑战人们的心理极限。虽然美国的房地产市场在经历2008年的低谷后逐渐反弹,美国的房价在大多数情况下还是低于中国的同等级房价。 美国房地产的投资价值, 美国的教育和生活环境都对国内的高端人士有极强的吸引力。很多人在美国买房是为子女去美国就读中小学或者大学做准备,或作为度假或者以后养老的居所。在这里介绍一下在美国买房的大概流程,有兴趣的朋友可以参考[…]